Ten years ago I started with a Baron Baptist power yoga dvd in my college dorm and have had a consistent yoga practice ever since. I've always been an athlete of sorts but have never loved a physical practice as much as yoga.  First and foremost, yoga feels damn good!  That delicious "yoga high" after a full practice is like no other.  Yoga has taught me to be comfortable in my own skin. Like many people, I struggled with body-image issues.  In the first few years of my practice those had (mostly) fallen away. Yoga is constantly challenging me, from working into more advanced postures to backing off when healing an injury.  And it never gets boring, there is always a new facet to explore.

I felt the desire to teach because I love yoga so much, I wanted to share it with other people so they could experience what I had experienced.  I teach all styles and all levels, from flowing Power vinyasa to alignment-based hatha to restorative yin.  My personal practice is a strong flow with a focus on the transitions between poses with some time set aside to work on advanced postures. I completed a 200hr training with Elizabeth O'Shea in the Iyengar method and I've been teaching since 2008.  I live with my husband and daughter and American Bulldog in downtown Beverly. When not in the studio, you may find me hiking with my dog or flying a kite with my daughter and husband.