Colleen grew up in North Reading and has been teaching a variety of fitness classes for many, many years.  She began her career in the fitness industry while attending college at the University of Massachusetts.  Her Biomechanical Engineering degree included many classes in the Exercise Science Department studying the mechanics of the Human body.  Studying the health, the nutrition and the abilities of the body always amazed her and when she began teaching exercise classes, she realized how much she loved showing others how important it is to keep our bodies moving.

Exercising is not about trying to burn as many calories as you can or pushing yourself to feel the burn.  It is to keep the body moving to feel strong, powerful, graceful and truely happy, inside and out.  In 2001, Colleen found that yoga gave her all that and more!  Practicing yoga releases stress when the world gets too hectic and leaves her feeling peaceful, optimistic and compassiononate.  She started her journey in Yoga teacher training for her 200RYT in 2004.  She could not wait to share this with others.  She strives to teach others the physical and mental rewards by practicing yoga.  She has found that yoga gives her strength to handle the twists and turns of life and it reminds her to enjoy the present moment instead of rushing right through it. 

It motivates her to honor and love the body that she has been given and to enjoy this life she has been blessed with!  Her hopes are for her students to develop these strengths and motivation. Colleen’s teaching style is Vinyasa inspired, synchronizing the flow of movement and breath, with an emphasis on the core connection throughout the poses and the importance of the alignment of the body. Her classes are invigorating, flowing and inspiring!  She is an ACE certified Fitness Professional and is a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance.  When she is not teaching her own classes, you might see her floating around other yoga studios, attending trainings and workshops to further her knowledge and experience.