Emily Wiswell is a 200 hour Certified Instructor. She received her education  from Health Yoga Life in Boston, MA. Prior to her yoga training, she received her BA Degree from Dean College in Dance.  Yoga brings both her love for movement, and her devotion to her spiritual practice into one, unified expression. Emily offers classes in Vinyasa, Power, Gentle, Basics, Restorative and Meditation. Teaching and inspiring others has been a driving force in her career, and in her life. She has been inspired through students, teachers and co-workers to really bring a sense of empowerment to her classes. Classes are designed creatively to open certain areas of the body, tone, sweat and stretch - energy work is also incorporated into the classes. Through intention, asana, pranayama and meditation, her goal is to have students leave refreshed, inspired and ready for more.

Emily Wiswell’s classes combine a fluid expression of the asanas, with an accessible approach to the spiritual foundation of yoga.  She received her 200 hour certification from Health Yoga Life in Boston (2014). With a foundation in heated vinyasa and Baptiste style flow, her classes are designed to be accessible to all levels. In 2011 she received her Bachelors in Dance, fueling her passion for creative sequencing and dance like motion as well as an anatomical approach. Emily believes wholeheartedly that the practice of movement and spirituality can change one’s life, that each person has the right to fulfill their bliss, and this is what she has set out to teach.