Jake Bosse is committed to the pure empowerment and encouragement of others, with a concentration in health and fitness. Dedicated to personal growth and inner strength through the practice of yoga, he encourages individuals to tap into an energetic, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. Jake has reached and been touched by thousands of people through accessible, powerful and creative teachings. His inspiration lies in contributing to the growth, development, and the uplifting of people and athletes, promoting a strong healthy body and a clear expansive mind.

His style primarily focuses on strength, simplicity, explores movement, breath, and the shifting of perspective. This allows for creativity to be big and bold - on the mat and in the world. Born into a family of fitness enthusiasts, athletes and trainers, Jake grew up in the inner city, competing on athletic fields and spending countless hours in the gym. Today he takes that experience and deep rooted passion to train athletes from US Olympians, High School and Collegiate student programs, as well as various levels of professionals. Over the last decade, Jake has practiced everywhere and anywhere he could. He drew his attention and furthered his practice under the direction of Baron Baptiste. In parallel, he pursued a 500-RYT and apprenticeship with Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton of The Baptiste Yoga Studios in Boston. He has been strongly influenced by the movement based system developed by Tara Stiles and finds enthusiasm training in a variety of inversion and acrobatic practices. He will always be a student as he consistently continues his exposure to various trainings and life’s journey. 

Through his commitment to wellness and community, Jake focuses his energies as a member of the Board of Directors at The Cure ATRT Now Fund, supporting Pediatric Brain Cancer Research and proudly serves as ambassador to lululemon athletica. When he is not in the yoga studio or traveling, Jake takes refuge on the beach, just north of Boston, where he spends time with his family and friends. He enjoys standing on his hands, snowboarding, surfing and connecting with people globally through social media.