Lisa first started practicing yoga in 2002, after her second baby was born. 

She was training for a marathon in honor of her father who had recently passed away, and decided to try yoga to complement her running program and help balance the physical toll and stress she had been enduring from the many miles of running.  She found that in addition to healing her body physically, yoga also helped her heal emotionally from the loss of her father.  She appreciated the balance that yoga brought to her sports training, but also found yoga to be a mental and emotional haven that brought balance, clarity, and peace to her busy mind.  With two young children at the time to care for, Lisa found yoga to be a peaceful respite from her hectic life as a busy Mom.  

But it was that first hot power yoga class in Cambridge that Lisa became really hooked.  She found the challenge, sweat, peace, and joy that came from power yoga to be like no other “workout.”  It was the perfect blend of physical intensity and emotional peace.  It was after that first hot power yoga class that Lisa decided that the North Shore needed it's own hot power yoga studio. 

With a business degree and two successful businesses already established, it was clear that opening a yoga studio would be the next venture.  Going into the yoga industry was ideal for Lisa as it combined her business background and education, with her passion for health and yoga.  In 2004, Lisa created and founded Empower Yoga Studio in Beverly.

The power of yoga has spread across the community.  Almost 14 years later, Empower is a thriving yoga studio; “home” to many power yogis.  Lisa’s goal is to introduce the power of yoga to as many people as possible.  Her mission is to bring sweat, peace, health and joy into people’s lives each day through yoga and to spread happiness and peace in new communities ... one person and one yoga class at a time.  Wanting to spread the healing power and beauty of yoga to more communities on the North Shore, Lisa created Solstice Power Yoga in 2014 to broaden the reach of yoga and to create more opportunity for yoga teachers and students to come together to live happier, fuller, healthier lives... and SHINE BRIGHTER.

Now, 15 years later, Lisa loves that she has created two beautiful, thriving yoga studios that have helped thousands of people to live happier, healthier, more peaceful lives.  Lisa is so grateful everyday for her busy, full life with her husband, Bob, three teenage kids (Ryan 17, Catherine 15, Paige 13) and two dogs (Black lab, Stella and English Bulldog, Walter.)   She looks forward to continuing to spread the love, light, peace and healing power of yoga across the North Shore of Boston and beyond.  #blessed