Meditation/Healing Workshop with Seth Monk & Shannon Fitzgerald


Seth Monk: Meditation Workshop 

Solstice Power Yoga

Saturday, January 26th

2 - 4 pm

Join Seth Monk and Shannon Fitzgerald for a beautiful afternoon of healing, community, and energetic insight!

Seth and Shannon will hold a deep and peaceful space where you can  relax, revive, and recharge while going on a personal journey of insight, understanding and peace

Siddha Healings use a crystal mandala, sacred geometry, dimensional helpers, and spirit- walking which can help to heal physical, emotional or mental imbalances.

AromaReiki is grounding hands-on technique the brings balance, restoration and removes blockage from the body.

Simply lay back, relax and receive as this restorative event works its magic with you

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow

Siddha Healing with AromaReiki (2 Healers)


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