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Spring Cleanse with Jeanne

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Spring is a time of renewal. Use the cleanse as a reset. Leap into spring lighter and healthier.  Let go of the heavy comfort foods of winter and shift the way you eat as the seasons change. Leave behind habits that don't serve you well and learn which foods truly nourish your body and soul.

This is a food-based cleanse so you can carry on with life's responsibilities during the process. However it is recommended that you lighten your load for the cleanse period. Create a peaceful sanctuary for you to retreat into.

Cleanse will begin after Mother's Day and end before Memorial Day. Official Cleanse is 10 days but it can be customized longer or shorter.

Preparation Session:Saturday, May 4th at 3 pm at Empower Yoga Studio Beverly

Cost of the Cleanse:

$90 First timer by May 1st*

$65 Repeat Cleanser by May 1st*

$25 Workbook

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*After May 1st there is an additional $25

Inquiries to Jeanne at jeanne.yoga@gmail.com

This Cleanse is not appropriate if you are pregnant or have serious illness