Spring Cleanse



Spring Cleanse with Jeanne

June 4th - 13th


 Happy Spring! It's time to clean house and lighten up!


 Join Holistic Health Counselor Jeanne Magazu for

 The Heart of Nourishment Spring Cleanse in June!


This cleanse will make you feel light in your body and clear in your mind.  

During the cleanse you eat simple whole foods in specific combinations. This makes digestion easier which in turns gives you a lot more energy.


As an overview; the cleanse has 3 Phases


Phase 1: 75% vegetable and 25% fruit

Phase 2:  optional grain phase

Phase 3: add in protein in the form of nuts, seeds, beans 

(some fish/egg/soy products allowed too)


The majority of what you eat is vegetables supplemented with small portions of grains and proteins so you can continue with your daily routine.  


Typically the cleanse is 10 days but many people continue with Phase 3 for longer because they feel so great on it and are losing weight. 

 Each Phase is 2-4 days long.


During the cleanse you eliminate: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, wheat, meat and processed foods like pasta, bread, cookies, crackers etc.


The cleanse can be adapted to your life circumstances.  First time cleansers may opt for a modified version.


To have a succesful cleanse you must prepare !!


We will meet a week ahead of the actual start date in order to discuss how to prepare and what to expect.


The cleanse time period is approximately June 4th - 13th


Session #1 Tuesday May 29th 3pm Solstice: Prep

Session #2  Sunday June 3rd 3pm Solstice

Session #3 Monday June 11 2:30pm Empower

Session #4 TBD


$125 for 1st-time cleanse plus Cleanse workbook is an additional $25

$100 for repeat Cleanse


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There are optional cleanse supplements to buy


Grab a friend and commit. This is not a cleanse of deprivation. This cleanse will teach you how to nourish yourself in an optimal sustainable way.

You may not cleanse if you are pregnant or have serious health issues. 


We hope you decide to join.  This cleanse really teaches you how great you can feel with proper nutrition and it is a sustainable way to eat

without any gimmicks.


please direct questions to jeanne.yoga@gmail.com