Yoga... everything else is second. It's a lifelong journey. Sandy started practicing about 20 years ago and within the practice is where she found peace of mind for the first time in her life. “My mind was quiet, my fears were gone, all distractions slowly disappeared while on the mat. “Here I was the best version of myself.”

The true test is taking this quiet, centered state of being, and filter it into the rest of your daily life.

Only now after years of practice did the role of 'yoga teacher' enter into the equation. Having completed the 200 RYT at the Yoga Loft in Wilmington with teacher’s Jen Ryan and Greg McGowan, Sandy brings her love for yoga to her students. Having a strong Ashtanga base , her classes incorporate breathe and movement through vinyasa and awareness of one’s inner strength. Sandy is also a Usui Reiki master, licensed esthetician and an avid CrossFitter. She believes humor and good intention will get you through most anything.