POWER YOGA is a very intense, physically challenging yoga practice in our heated studio (temp is 95 degrees). It is a vinyasa flow that moves your body and your energy and will make you sweat, A LOT! The heat, yoga poses, and your breath combine to form a practice that will test your inner and outer strength, flexibility, and balance. As you practice regularly, and deepen your practice, you will find that your Strength, Flexibility and Balance in your body, and your life, will be brought to your personal best.

Some things to keep in mind when visiting the studio:

  • Drink a lot of water! Before, during and after class. 
  • Bring a towel and a mat. If you don't have your own, towels and mats are available for purchase or rental. (PRICING??)
  • Always check in at the Front Desk
  • Be respectful of your instructors and fellow students by arriving on time for class.
  • If you arrive late, please wait outside the studio until the focus/centering portion of the class is complete (if you are unsure of when this is, please ask the front desk)
  • Please turn OFF all cell phones before entering the classroom.
  • Take off your shoes and coat in the waiting area and leave them in the areas provided.
  • Do not wear any strong perfume, cologne, or lotion
  • Be mindful of your neighbor's space
  • In order to optimize space, place all of your belongings in cubbies or against the walls rather than behind your mat.
  • Find a place close to the instructor if you have difficulty hearing or seeing.
  • If you have to leave class early, please inform the instructor, position yourself near the door, and leave before savasana (relaxation).