i love the physical place with the light streaming in, the teachers are awesome, the classes are hot and challenging - Stephanie
Love all the amazing teachers and the beautiful, clean studio. - Jerri
Friendly, down to earth, and challenging! - Kerry
Very clean studio, love every instructor I’ve taken class with!   - Annalisa
Multiple class times a day; strong empowering instructors! - Sarah
The teachers offer encouragement and are welcoming. - Deidre
The instructors are very supportive and encouraging. I feel very comfortable in class. Whatever I’m able to do or not do is ok. I always leave feeling refreshed. - Michael
Clean bright space. Friendly and knowledgeable staff - Kendra
Welcoming staff, clean space, spacious practice room... - Nicole
The heating system is great. People are real. No agendas. - Mitchell
I like the intensity of the power hour class. I also like the option to modify and lack of judgement if anyone is struggling or not at a high level yet. - Elizabeth
Beautiful studio with excellent yoga instructors. I almost always leave there feeling like I got exactly what I needed out of class whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. - Annette
It is my first experience with yoga in a studio setting. I love Solstice. I love how the instructors are so helpful and encouraging. I can’t believe I have been afraid to start a yoga practice. I’m really hoping 2017 I can keep my practice up. I started this fall and then of course life got in the way. I just came back and the instructor was so encouraging! - Susan
The studio environment is so welcoming and warm (no pun intended) and it’s the first studio I’ve been to where I feel truly comfortable and supported in wherever my practice is on any given day (even if my practice that day is struggling to hold a basic down-dog) - Christine
all the instructors are wonderful
The workout is amazing
The messages many instructors convey during the practice are very influential, meaningful and inspiring. - Fran
I love the atmosphere of the studio. I like the instructors and I love hot yoga - Colleen
I am still fairly new to yoga and the instructor held the class at a good pace and was able to walk around and make sure we were in the correct poses. The space was really clean and an overall enjoyable experience. - Amanda
Amazing classes and amazing teachers. Everyone is friendly. - Danielle
Friendly welcoming staff .. great variety of classes ! - Nancy
Relaxing, empowering environment that did not make me feel overwhelmed or intimidated - Brianna
I am very new to hot yoga and I did not feel as though I was being judged at all when I went to my first few classes. The instructors were very informative and nice. - Emily
Peaceful environment, challenging classes. I always leave feeling refreshed, stretched, balanced. - Chris
The studio is very clean. The instructors are very nice and helpful. You offer a lot of classes. - Romina
Great class and positive energy. Will be returning - Melissa
Instructors are focused on helping every person have their best practice based on each person’s personal level of yoga. Studio is always clean, friendly environment. - Natalie

Love the instructors and the beautiful, clean and peaceful studio. - Jerri

Great instructors. The studio has a great atmosphere - April

Well-organized class and clean/updated facility. - Chris
Love the instructors. - Barbara
Very challenging and very comfortable. I felt as I was in a judge free zone and it was inspiring to see all of the different levels of experience, I learnt a lot in the class. - Lexy
Beautiful studio, warm and friendly staff, fantastic teachers that are not only educated but also deliver a fun and engaging class. Solstice is the best studio! - Anna