Free Class on Sunday, May 20 to Celebrate Recent Teacher Training Graduates


This Sunday, May 20th

2 - 3:30 pm Free Class!

Powerful Flow (room temp is "comfortably warm") 

taught by recent Teacher Training grads


We would like to CELEBRATE WITH YOU, as we wrap up our Solstice Yoga/Meditation Teacher Training! 


It's been a joy-filled journey and all have arrived quite beautifully! Please come join our most recent grads as they lead you in a 90 minute all levels powerful flow class, and guided savanna.


This is a FREE class


We will be accepting donations class to benefit

Yoga Reaches Out


Interested in our next Teacher Training Session

starting Fall 2018??


Following Class there will be Q&A session with Willa and Teacher Training grads



Six Weeks 'til Summer Challenge!


Six Weeks 'til Summer Challenge!



Are YOU ready for THE BEST summer of your Life??


 Six Weeks til Summer Challenge!


Summer is officially June 21st

(Summer Solstice)


Saturday, May 12th it will be 6 weeks until Summer!


Start the Challenge anytime between May 12 and May 20th

Complete the challenge by July 1st


20 days of Yoga in 6 weeks earns you Summer SWAG!

(only ONE class per day counts towards challenge)


Let's Get Your Body and Attitude


Yoga Reaches Out - Team North Shore Yogis


In two weeks, on Sunday, April 29, myself and over 1,000 other yogis will gather at Gillette Stadium for a day of Yoga, Music, Dance, Creative Vendors, Inspiration, PERspiration and Lots of Warm Hugs.


It’s the 8th Annual Yoga Reaches Out New England Yogathon, to benefit the Wellness Program at Boston Children Hospital. 

Yoga Reaches Out harnesses the incredible power of our community to help families and sick children. We roll out our mats at this life changing, world changing event and enjoy a day filled with inspiring presenters, friends, fundraising and the power of togetherness. Aren’t we a bunch of Lucky Yogis! 


The YRO organization has inspired me and my team, Team North Shore Yogis,  to help the Wellness Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and the continued mission of Yoga Reaches Out. You may recall I had the great honor of being one of the featured teachers at this event 2 years ago - what an indescribable (and slightly frightening 😳) thrill to teach to over 1000 Yogis under The Patriots roof!  Worth every gray hair.


In addition I have visited the BCH Wellness Program in Boston where the yoga, meditation, and reiki are shared with parents and caregivers of the patients. Through my current Solstice Yoga & Meditation Teacher Trainings - I’m raising additional Strong Teachers to help BCH increase the BCH programming up here on Boston’s North Shore.

Team North Shore Yogis has set a goal of $15,000, and it is our collective event goal to raise $500,000 this year and make a HUGE difference in the lives of children in need. This is how we take our yoga off of the mat, and into the world! Thanks to thoughtful & generous friends & family like YOU - our Team North Shore Yogis has been one of the top Yoga Reaches Out FUNdraising teams each year - the more we raise, the closer we get to the front of the stadium and most importantly the more we actually rai$e fund$ AND $pirits to help the kids and families at Boston Children’s Hospital ❤



And we need your help:


Click on the link to take you to my page - and kindly consider ANY size donation. Honestly - every drop helps to fill the bucket.




1.Go to our team fundraising page:

2. Join “Team North Shore Yogis”  by paying $25; 

you will be committing to raising $250 between now and June 1, 2018. 

EASY! Thats $20 from 12.5 friends 🙂

3. Carpool with us to Gillette Stadium, 4/29, 9am - 4pm to share the yoga, live music, and warm hugs! 



All of my salary from the week of April 23-28 will be donated to the Team, in addition to any donations collected in class.



in like mindedness and dedication. Your well wishes are excellent currency as well.


In Joy, Peace, Service and Deep Gratitude - 



To learn more about Yoga Reaches Out and this year's beneficiaries please visit:


Watch this wonderful video:


Kadri Kurgun at Solstice Power Yoga!



Friday May 4th 7-9pm @Solstice Studio $50
Sign Up in-advance $40

AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics,and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a partner practice that cultivates trust, fullness, and community. With a playful, safe supportive environment we will empower the whole room to be lifted to connect with the most precious resource ever... our childlike playful nature.


Sunday May 6th @ SOLSTICE, 1-4 PM $65
Sign Up In-Advance $55

Developing stillness and clear communication, be prepared to go much deeper and open up your practice. In this workshop we will build on much-loved inversions and fun partner flying to take our practice to the next level. Through series of systematic partner drills we will buff up your inversion practice to tighten up the body... then step up to graceful acrobatic flying transitions. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


A globally curious surfer since childhood, Kadri discovered yoga more than ten years ago when his physical body could no longer sustain the professional level of his surfing. Hoping to cut recovery time from a seemingly endless injury, Kadri’s body let out a huge sigh of relief when he met the mat. With dedicated vigor, Kadri began to understand yoga as a practice that not only helped sustain his passion for surfing, but also provided another way to connect his body and mind to his personal spiritual practice.
An internationally renowned teacher and guide of Yoga, AcroYoga, & Meditation. As a meditation practitioner for over 30 years, he brings presence, compassion, and tender lightheartedness to everything he does. He helps people release the self-doubt, fear, unworthiness and shame intrinsic to the human condition, and re-connects them to their childlike, playful nature and sense of belonging. Through retreats, workshops, festivals, and private healing sessions, he has touched the lives and hearts of thousands of people around the world.
His students call his positive energy “awe inspiring,” and that his courageous heart encourages them to “love in a big way, to be vulnerable, and to be powerful.”
He is a featured presenter at conferences around the world, such as the Wanderlust Festivals, Korea Yoga Festival, South Africa SpiritFestival and the Divine Play AcroYoga Festival.
His work as a preeminent yoga photographer has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Yoga Journal, Origin Magazine, Mandala Magazine, Common Ground Magazine, Mantra Magazine, YA El Mercurio & LA Times Magazine.
He is currently touring around the world leading retreats, workshops & Teacher Trainings. When he isn’t teaching, you can find him behind the lens of a camera, hugging somebody, or on his surfboard.

Wednesday, March 14th: 5:30 am & 8 am Classes are Cancelled - Rest of Classes are ON!


Wednesday, March 14th


Solstice Power Yoga Lynnfield

5:30 am Power Hour is Cancelled

8 am Power Hour is Cancelled

We expect the rest of Wednesday Classes to be ON! 

9:15 am Warm Flow with Anna (sub for Willa)

12 pm Power Hour with Stephanie

4:30 pm Power Yoga with Donna

6:15 pm Power Hour with Jamie

7:30 pm Power Hour with Allison

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Empower Yoga Beverly

Empower Yoga Beverly

5:30 am Power Hour is Cancelled

We expect the rest of Wednesday Classes to be ON! 

9 am Power Yoga with Stephanie

12 pm Power Hour with Hayley

4 pm Power Hour + Optional Restore with Lesley

6 pm Power Hour with Carleen

8 pm Community with Wendy

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