The One and ONLY, Bryan Kest LIVE! Sunday, April 24

Bryan Kest will be IN THE HOUSE at Solstice

Sunday, April 24, 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Bryan Kest is one of the most famous yoga teachers in the country and is one of the pioneers of Power Yoga.  His Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California is legendary.

This Workshop is for ALL LEVELS.  It will be part lecture, part physical practice.  Beginners are Welcome.


Sign up Today.  Space is Limited!

Join Us for an unforgettable Yoga experience!

"Nobody can do the work for me.  I have to untie my own knots.  I have to develop the strength to disempower my own habit patterns.  Nobody can do this for me.   And this is what practice is all about."  -- Bryan Kest

Before Beginning his Spring tour in Europe (visiting Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc)  Bryan will be visiting us at Solstice Power Yoga in Lynnfield!  Don't wait until next year to take advantage of this opportunity!

Announcing Bryan Kest's Return to Solstice Power Yoga!

Bryan Kest Power Yoga Master Class

Sunday, April 24th  2:00 - 5:00 pm

$75 per person*

Bryan Kest's Power Yoga is a well-rounded flowing asana practice integrating mental practices that enhance everyday living.  The class is intended to invigorate your body and help you practice developing a calm, less reactive state of mind with dynamic flow.  In a Bryan Kest Power Yoga workshop you encouraged to focus on the process and not the end result.  This allows ALL levels of yoga practitioners to enjoy the benefit from this workshop.

Bryan's Power Yoga Master Class typically includes:

  • 1 hour lecture about basic philosophy and fundamentals

  • 2 hour physical practice incorporating principles from the lecture

Sign Up Today!  This Workshop will sell out!

Bryan has been practicing yoga since 1979 and has been teaching since 1985.  He developed his unique, distinctive style of yoga, Original Power Yoga, in 1979.  Over the years this style, an amazing workout for the body, mind and spirit has made him a well-known popular teacher across the country and around the world.  Bryan founded Power Yoga Studio in Santa Monica which is where he currently teaches several classes per week when he is not traveling to different parts of the country, Europe, or Australia for Workshops and Teacher Trainings.

*Please note there will be no refunds after March 1

Mindful Living Workshop with Jen Tolo

Are you present in the moment without judgment?

Do you feel rushed, or as if time is moving too quickly?

Want to learn how to be fully present in your life?

Join us for a

Mindful Living Workshop

At Solstice Power Yoga

In Lynnfield Market Place

February 7th from 1-3pm

Learn how to:

Mindfully Eat

Mindfully Move

Mindfully Be

Take Mindful Moments

Parent Mindfully & Inspire Mindful Kids

Be Present in Your Life TODAY


Cost: $45



Jennifer Wren Tolo, RN, MA

Owner, Butterfly Family Wellness

         Integrative Health Coach

      Reiki Master/ Energy Healer

             Personal Trainer

         Integrative Nutritionist

         Mother of 4 boys

*Special Offer*: 20% off WINTER MINDFUL EATING RESET

A 2 week elimination with recipes, tips, mindfulness exercises to reset cravings and eating habits.  Then a 2 week ease into mindful eating, cooking and meal planning.







Open Your Heart, Free Your Hips

Indulge All Your Senses with Blissful Restorative Yoga

Friday, February 5, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

with Danielle Jacobs and Kristin Bernier

The smell of lavender eye pillows and the soft touch of bolsters will pamper you as Danielle and Kristin's soothing voices and calming music relax you.  Their healing hands will massage away any tension in your body.  End class with Mindful Chocolate Tasting in the beautiful Candlelit studio.

Friday | November 20th |6:30- 8:30 pm| You need this ... Pre-Holiday Relaxation with Danielle Jacobs and Kristin Bernier

restorative Danielle and Kristin

Restorative Yoga with Danielle Jacobs and Kristin Bernier
Friday | November 20th | 6:30-8:30 pm | $30 per person

Join us for two hours of bliss as we melt away your tensions and help to prepare you for the inevitably busy holiday season ahead ...

Restorative Yoga with Danielle Jacobs & Kristin Bernnier | Friday October 16th | 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Finish your week in the warm inviting, candle lit studio at SOLSTICE POWER YOGA.

Leave your shoes and concerns in our lobby.         The weekend starts NOW.

Lay yourself down on a soft bolster. Let Yoga Instructors Danielle Jacobs and Massage Therapist, Kristin Bernier guide you through a sequence of gentle, seated or reclining postures. 

Danielle and Kristin will massage away your stress
with relaxing, scented aromatherapy oils and all of
your tensions will melt away on the mat! 
Class will end with a healing, guided meditation ... Pure bliss! 

A soft blanket and pillow are recommended so that you'll be most comfortable
Room Temp (80-85 degrees)