Kristen is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Active and involved in athletics since she was a child, she ultimately competed on the collegiate level as a NCAA Track & Field Javelin thrower for Syracuse University. Her love for fitness never waned post college and instead strengthened with her progressive appreciation for the high and balance it can bring to any day. While drawn to many forms of exercise, she is partial to the high impact results acheived through HIIT; ranging from improvements to body composition to the fun had with the endless variety it affords. She knows all too well how monotony can be the killer of any motivator and, as such, she always strives to challenge and surprise her body with new routines incorporating variations of the compound movements integral to functioning in daily life.

"We can't all be athletes into adulthood, but we most certainly can and owe it to ourselves to remain active and have fun doing it!" - Kristen