Born in NYC, raised in the Berkshires and schooled in the Midwest, Willa found her yoga soul in Chicago. It was in Chicago that she discovered the power of Astanga, the alignment of Iyengar, and the lift of the Universal Style. Willa has explored multiple styles through advanced workshops with Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Anna Forest, Shiva Rea, Seane Corne, and Dharma Mittra.  Willa is one of David Magone’s Senior Pranavayu teachers, having completed multiple trainings with David as well as studies with the Pranavayu philosophical advisor, Lama Migmar Tseten of the Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, MA. Willa is happy to be a lululemon ambassador.  She loves to travel and has taught in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Italy.

When her busy family life allows, she enjoys assisting and leading her own advanced trainings in both Boston and on the North Shore.  Willa's classes are contemplative, meditative, challenging, and inspiring.  Classes feature alternative music and a slightly unfiltered, honest and welcoming sense of humor.  Each class is a whole new experience that pushes you to dig deeper then before, it never gets dull and always leaves you with a smile.