Why Introduce Your Child to Yoga? An Article by Sharon Marrama

Kids Health & Wellness Tip of the Week!   

by Sharon Marrama

Why Should I Introduce My Child To Yoga?

Children, or Kiddie Yogis as I like to call them, are like sponges.  They will soak up anything that you pour over them, so why not yoga.  The rewards are endless and it’s a fun way for both children and adults to discover a healthy and happy balanced well-being. 

Yoga is not something new that just arrived on the exercise scene or a fad. In fact, it originated in India over 5000 years ago and is a combined practice of physical and emotional exercises that can create inner-peace.

As children develop a practice they become more aware. They learn to listen, trust their natural instincts and begin to discover emotional balance.

The controlled breathing of an advanced practice is introduced slowly to children…we do after all take 20,000 breaths per day so why not start at an early age. Teaching children to breathe in a more mindful manner- in with the good and out with the bad is a great thing. With that we can teach them to take in good feelings (positivity) and purge bad/sad (negativity) feelings, as a route to emotional well-being.

During kids yoga classes the Sanskrit names of the poses take on a new identity-they become: frog, snake, airplane, ballerina, goal post, & rock.  Kid’s classes are designed to be kid friendly!

Yoga Alliance states that there are many benefits of children’s yoga, including:

·      Enhances Concentration

·      Increases Self –Esteem

·      Teaches Present Moment Awareness/Mindfulness

·      Cultivates a Peaceful and Relaxed State ofBody and Mind

·      Provides Tools for Stress Management

·      Encourages Visualization

·      Promote Kind Interactions

·      Enhance Body Awareness Including the Benefits of Breathing Exercises

·      Teaches Discipline and Inner Peace

·      Paves the Way for a Life-Long Tradition for Mind/Body Wellness

·      Noncompetitive Exercise Appropriate for All Levels

Sharon Marrama, owner of Here Comes the Sun Yoga for Kids is a children's yoga instructor at several local schools and studios including Solstice Power at Market Street in Lynnfield.  She holds a certificate in Teen Coaching and writes children’s books spreading sunshine along the way!