New Year's Day Sound Healing: January 1st 3 pm


Come join world-renowned sound healers Brian and Caileigh Russo in a therapeutic sound bath as they ring in the new year, singing together with crystal bells, bowls, chimes, space drums, rainsticks, and overtone chanting! The solstice has come and now it's time to align your soul with the passion, purpose and love that healing sound brings! In this healing you will align with the resonance of your intention and allow the sound to release every obstacle in your path. The sound can heal physical pain, clear emotional trauma and deepen your awareness of your pure nature. As Brian tones and Caileigh weaves in the visualizations of golden light, you'll be transported to another world, leaving you feeling fresh, relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for all the new year has in store for you! 

To learn more about the benefits of sound healing and hear their story, visit BeSoundNow

Brian & Caileigh kindly ask for a $30 ♥ Donation so they can keep spreading their dream and vision!