Power HIIT Up! New Class starts Tuesday, March 22

Enjoy the benefits of HIIT!

What is it? HIIT, meaning High Intensity Interval Training, is a type of short duration training consisting of bursts of high intensity intervals followed by active recovery or rest intervals. The goal is to challenge your body anaerobically during those high intensity bursts in order build and strengthen lean muscle.


Why is good?

-        Improves stamina and endurance

-        Burns more calories both during and after the workout as compared to steady state workouts. We’re talking AFTERBURN! Your body will be working well after the workout to repair muscle and bring your body back into balance.

-        It’s only 30 minutes from start to finish!


What should I expect? Every class will vary in sets, reps, and exercises preformed. While the majority of the work will be spent doing body weight exercises, students are welcome to increase resistance with available hand weights.


What level of fitness do I have to be in to participate? Any! That’s the beauty of this type of workout. Everyone is different and each exercise challenges you in different ways. You set your pace during each “work” round. Whatever is your perceived level of near peak exertion (think upper heart rate zone), then that’s your pace. Simple as that! Every exercise can be modified and every rep can be dictated by your ability to perform it in the given timeframe. As you progress, so too will your perceived exertion. Soon, you’ll be digging deeper, pushing harder, and busting out more reps than you ever imagined possible! And, in only a half hour! (did we say that already?)

HIIT the Spot*

Not totally convinced? Here are a few other benefits from HIIT.

1. Increases Your Metabolism
Combining high intensity with interval training results speeds your metabolic rate and translates into a metabolism boost for up to 48 hours after a complete HIIT routine. This means you’ll still be burning fat even after your done!

2. Quick and Convenient
Long gone are the days of not having enough time for exercise. HIIT workouts is can be done anywhere: at home, in a hotel room, in a park, at a gym, etc. And most are 30 minutes or less! Who can’t spare that?

3. No Equipment Necessary
No dumbbells? No problem! HIIT workouts generally use only your body weight, since the focus is on getting your heart rate up and keeping it there. These workouts result in optimal muscle building and muscle retention couples with fat loss and increased calorie burn.

*From "The Daily Burn"


Power HIIT Up!  

with Kristin Lunetta

Tuesdays & Thursdays 

11:15 - 11:45 am


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Then stay for Warm Flow with Jennifer Craig 12 - 1 pm